Apocalypse: The War of the Worlds (France 2)

30 years ago, the fall of the Berlin wall announces the end of the cold War. On this occasion, France 2 broadcasts from Tuesday November 5 a new episode of the series of Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle: Apocalypse. Entitled "War of the Worlds", this new opus looks back on more than forty years of cold war which are, in fact, only a succession of hot wars: Indochina, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan ... interspersed with perilous confrontations between East and West.

If, in 1945, the women and men of the planet thought they were leaving behind the atrocities of war, behind the scenes of the reconstruction of the world, a longer and more insidious confrontation was brewing. Soon an "iron curtain" will fall between the Communist East, dominated by the Soviet Union, and the West, with the United States. This is the cold war, the "war of the worlds". In a mad arms race, states have invented the worst threat: nuclear weapons. For nearly half a century the great leaders - Stalin, Khrushchev, Mao, Kennedy - approach or clash, in a dangerous balance of terror. At any time, it is all of humanity that can plunge into the apocalypse.

Apocalypse, the war of the worlds. Documentary series by Pascale Clarke and daniel Costelle. From November 5, 2019 on France 2.

Video: APOCALYPSE War of Worlds 1945-1991 - Trailer (December 2021).